Wednesday, 25 March 2015


If I am asked to choose between lip products or eyeshadows, without fail I will opt for eye products every time. I love the thought of experimenting with different shades and formulas and creating different looks. 

You may be aware that I visited London last weekend and did a little bit of retail therapy (you can find what I bought at Lush here) and I also went to MAC so I couldn't resist and picked up some new things. 

I have been dreaming about starting a 15-pan palette for a while now and I have read many blog reviews of everyone's favourite day-to-day MAC eye-shadow shades. So I went in with a few shade names in mind and came out extremely happy. 

It's always a good idea to head into a shop like MAC with some products in mind that you want to look at, so that you're not forced into making any unnecessary purchases after being dazed by the bright lights and pretty colours. 

The first shade on my list was All That Glitters-one that many YouTubers including Vivianna Does Makeup rave about. It's a gorgeous golden champagne with a peach-pink hue. It makes a pretty all over the lid shade and adds a wash of colour and would look great on all skin tones. 

To add to my collection, I also chose Sable which is a warm brown shimmer with a subtle purple-red hue and pairs perfectly with All That Glitters in the crease of the eye. The purple undertone works great on all eye colours, particularly on blue eyes as it makes them pop. This shade can be worn on its own and blended out or used in the crease to add depth.

Finally I purchased Bronze which is a gorgeous brown with a warm copper hue. I am yet to try this but when I swatched it, it seemed like the perfect shade to add to my collection. This is another perfect shade for blue or green eyes as it will create a contrast. Bronze looks like a shade which I will wear frequently as I do love a bronze eye. 

I am sure my MAC purchases will feature in my blogposts very soon so keep an eye out! 

Do you own any MAC products? Any recommendations? 



  1. You have chosen some gorgeous shades, I am desperate to try sable. Great post yet again!

    Ooh La Luce | Beauty, Life, Fashion

    1. Awh thank you Lucy! Sable is gorgeous and certainly worth picking up when you're next in MAC x

  2. Gorgeous shades! I love the eyeshadow woodwinked its a gorgeous bronze/golden shade. I also love my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer i couldn't live without it x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. I love Woodwinked too! It's so versatile and looks fantastic on all skin tones :)

  3. I have'nt brought any MAC products yet but I'm just starting to get interested in them the more I'm reading about them! I think one of their lipsticks may be my first purchase!

    1. MAC lipsticks do look amazing, Plumful and Brave are first on my list to swatch when I next pop in! :) x


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