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I think that if you have the right tools for applying make-up you are halfway there, then it's down to your technique and the quality of the make-up your using to achieve your desired look. Obviously you can apply make-up with your hands but I don't always find that it works so I rely heavily on brushes. I apologise that the brushes in this photo are no where near clean, I guess it shows how much I love them. There are 4 main brushes that I reach for on a daily basis...

The Real Techniques Multi-Task Brush-£20.99 lives up to its name as you can use it for applying so many different products and comes in a set of three travel friendly brushes. If you're thinking of buying your first make-up brushes or have never tried Real Techniques brushes before, than this is certainly the set to buy. Recently I have been using this brush to apply foundation and it gives a light base which is what I have needed for back to school. 

The Real Techniques Stippling Brush-£10.99 is great for blending your foundation or concealer into the skin without leaving any harsh lines and can give you a very minimal look.  If you're heavy handed when applying blush or bronzer, it can easily be fixed by some blending with this Stippling Brush. Besides using it to apply foundation or blend makeup mistakes, it also makes applying cream blush easy and fuss free. 

I'm obsessed with the Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush-£31.00 at the moment, I love how soft it is, it's size and how easy it makes applying products. I'm usually quite lazy when it comes to applying blush and I have found myself applying it just so I can use this, and that's saying something. Despite the fact that you do get the odd hair shed onto your face, it does the job pretty well. It makes applying bronzer, highlight and blush a dream, and applies a thin layer of powder to set your foundation. The price tag is another downside but it makes a great investment and will last for years. 

Another member of the Real Techniques Travel Collection is the domed shadow brush. It applies and blends eyeshadows effortlessly and is super soft and fluffy on the delicate eye area. 

What are your favourite make-up brushes?


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  1. Real Techniques' Stippling Brush is a staple in my every-day routine! I agree that it's perfect for helping with fixing any bronzing mishaps!


    Small&Blonde ♥

  2. the majority of my brushes are RT, I just love them!
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah


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