Sunday, 28 May 2017


I'm back with and it feels good! After a rough start to 2017 things are starting to look up.


Things slowly began to creep up on me towards the end of last year. I started working at the weekends, the A-Level pressure was building and unfortunately there wasn't enough time for me to dedicate to this blog. 

On top of that, in early December I became ill, and what I thought was a virus went on for weeks, which turned into months and now here we are, but I'm starting to feel better. I've had a few tests at the hospital, no official diagnosis yet but since going gluten free I have begun to get my energy back and I have started venturing out more. 

Being ill turned me into a hermit and if you didn't find me lying on my bed watching YouTube or Netflix, I'd be in the kitchen baking. Cooking became my escape and I have made SO many gluten free/dairy free cakes my family are now sick of them. 

Whilst feeling sorry for myself I suddenly realised how much I was missing posting on my blog, so I decided to start planning a little relaunch. I've made a few tweaks on my blog here and there, nothing too exciting but I love the new colour scheme. Anyone else obsessed with millennial pink and pastel blue at the moment? 


I'm now an adult! I turned 18 in April. I can't say I feel any different but it's exciting.  


Now that I'm back to posting blogposts regularly again, you can expect to see a variety of posts. 

As I have spent a lot of my spare time in the kitchen recently I will be sharing some recipes which my family and I have thoroughly tested and LOVE. 

Alongside posting recipes I will also be back to writing about beauty and skincare again as that is one of my favourite things. You can expect a lot more product reviews and tips to come your way...

So that's all for now, I hope you're looking forward to this as much as I am. 



  1. It's so exciting to have you back Lauren! I'm sorry you've had a tough few months but I'm glad to hear things are getting better now. Can't wait for some recipe posts! X



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