About Lauren

Welcome to Cupcakes & Candyfloss, my little haven for all things beauty. I'm Lauren, an average 18 year old with a passion for all things make-up and baking. 

Cupcakes & Candyfloss 

On Cupcakes & Candyfloss you can find reviews, makeup edits, tutorials, monthly favourites, blogging tips, recipes and how to deal with teenage skin. If that sounds interesting to you, I hope you'll stick around for more. I came up with the name Cupcakes & Candyfloss whilst on holiday in 2014. I was trying to come up with different names and suddenly this came to me. Although I don't really mention Cupcakes or Candyfloss very much on this blog, I thought it was a cute and catchy name for you to remember. 

More about me...

I'm just a teenage girl with a passion for beauty and make-up. My make-collection is quite extensive, you wouldn't think a girl my age would need all of that for one small face. But make-up is what I collect, just like people collect stamps or buttons. I can just about justify my make-up collection through having this blog. Besides from makeup, I also enjoy photography and psychology. I hope to study psychology at University. If I am not studying or blogging, you can probably find me listening to music, watching Youtube or Netflix. See, told you I'm just you're average teenager.

I created Cupcakes & Candyfloss in early 2014 to share beauty reviews and escape from school. Back then it was called Fairy Lights and I only ever posted a blogpost when I felt like it. I took my photos on a white piece of A4 paper by my window or on a piece of fabric on my bed. It is only in the past 18 months that I have begun to enjoy blogging a lot more and have spent a lot more time on photography, coming up with ideas and writing the posts.  I've always had a passion for writing and when I was younger I used to write many short stories and scripts.

You can find all of my contact details here and my disclaimer here

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